From the very beginning, at the root of the idea of Drum Dum Fest is, apart from the popularization of drums and percussion to a wider audience, the idea of nurturing young talents and improving their drumming skills. Several generations have passed through our drum school, and many whose knowledge grew with our festival are now excellent young drummers who are blazing their way through the music scene of Serbia.

That’s why from the very beginning we have two festival programs DDF kids and DDF teens, through which we present the youngest drummers to the festival audience and the general public and reward the most talented through our competitions.

And, unfortunately, as we get new, young, talented people, life also brought us irreparable losses during the pandemic. So we were left without two wonderful people and great musicians, without our people from Leskov, Goran Trajković Trša and Bojan Zlatanović Tokan. Trša was part of the DDF team, very dedicated to the drum school and working with the youngest, so, keeping his memory alive, we gave the DDF drum school his name, to wear it with pride and preserve the memory of his nobility and his love for drums and music .
Tokan was a friend of the festival and the people who are part of the DDF team, he was a great man and friend, whose wit and cheerfulness won the hearts of everyone who had the honor of meeting him. He was also the biggest drumming star of our city, a big star of the music scene in our country, and most importantly, someone that many young drummers looked up to. That’s why we wanted to preserve his memory and by continuing to award the prize at every festival to those young people who are the best, but from this year it will bear his name.

Applications for DDF Kids can be sent via the link by clicking on the link, HERE.


Video: NJ drums