This year too, we reserve two days of enjoying the best quality music and top rhythm for you.. Rhythm and percussion festival in Leskovac for the twelfth time,


September 29. and 30!

For all true admirers of the oldest musical instrument, we are organizing a two-day drumming seminar for the first time, where Miroslav Karlović – Karlo, a professor from whom the best drummers of the region acquired their knowledge, will share his knowledge and skills with drummers who really want to learn from the best.

This year, for the first time, the youngest drummers will be awarded the “Tokan” award, which will preserve the memory of the great drummer and great man Bojan Zlatanović – Tokan for younger generations.

The star of the revue part of the program is the legendary group “Leb i Sol” with Bodan Arsovski, Kokan Dimusevski, Dmitri Božikov and Michael Parušev on drums.

The Lifetime Achievement Award this year will be awarded to Miroslav Karlović.

Follow our website and pages on social networks, as detailed information about hourly rates and performers will follow in the coming days.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s, twelfth in a row, gathering at the first and only drum festival in the region.


Twelfth Festival of Rhythm and Percussion


Leskovac (Serbia)

and September 30!
For the first time at the festival, a two-day drumming seminar.

Lecturer Miroslav Karlović – Karlo.

For the first time, the “Tokan” award for the youngest drummers
Stars of the revue program band 

“Leb i Sol”