The organizers of the Drum Dum Fest are starting activities related to this year’s festival, the jubilee, the tenth in a row, which was supposed to be held last year, but was postponed for this year due to the epidemiological situation and all the uncertainties brought by the pandemic. We marked the year of the jubilee with the film “Decade of Good Rhythm” remembering all the great moments and wonderful people to whom we have been connected for the past nine years.

This year, with the good hope that the situation will be more stable and certain, we started organizing the festival and we will inform you about the program and all events related to this year’s DDF on August 24, when we have scheduled a meeting with all well known and dear Marko Djordjevic, one of the best drummers of today.

What is already current are the competitions that the organizer is announcing for 2021. These are the competition for volunteers, the competition for the “DDF teens” part the competition for the best photo “Music seen through a lens Vol.3”.

Participants in the DDF kids program, a.k.a. the youngest drummers (up to 15 years old) should perform a program of their choice, lasting up to 5 minutes. DDF kids is not of a competitive nature.

Also, the participants of the DDF teens competitive part, should perform one composition lasting up to 5 minutes and a drum solo lasting up to 5 minutes. DDF teens can use matrices or perform a composition with a band. This year as well, the organizers will not charge registration fees for the participants, and the costs of coming and staying during the festival are borne by the contestant. The competition is open to participants from the country and abroad.

Applications should be sent to: [email protected]. You can download the form by clicking on the link HERE.

When it comes to the Photo Contest “Music seen through a lens Vol.3” it would be interesting that in the spirit of the moment, the participants send photos that “captured the moment” of music in the “era of the Covid”. This, of course, is not a condition, because the theme is, as always – music, but it is part of our thoughts about the strangeness of the present moment. This year, in the realization of this segment of the festival, we will receive the support of the masters of photography from the photo club Leskovac (Serbia).

Technical details: JPEG, the photo must be at least 3000 pixels on the long side (300 DPI), photos must not have a watermark. Along with the photos, send to [email protected] your data: name, surname, where you come from and contact.

The organizers also invite all interested young people who would like to be part of the DDF team, to apply for volunteers by sending their CVs to the e-mail [email protected] and thus beautify the Drum Dum Fest 10!