As part of Drum Dum Fest 12, for the first time after more than thirty years, the legendary North Macedonian group “Leb i Sol” will perform, whose backbone today consists of Bodan Arsovski (bass) and Kokan Dimuševski (keyboard), who have been permanent members since the formation of the band, Dmitar Božikov (guitar) who joined them on the recording of the album “I taka nataka” and Mihael Parushev on drums, who joined the group in 2010.

Foto: Promo Leb i Sol

Our older audience does not need to introduce these excellent musicians and the work of the group “Leb i Sol”, but for the younger ones, who did not have the opportunity to follow their work, here is a summary from their biography: Leb i Sol is a Macedonian jazz/rock/ethno group, formed on January 1, 1976. In the eighties, they were one of the most popular rock bands in the former Yugoslavia.

The group was founded by Vlatko Stefanovski (guitar), Bodan Arsovski (bass guitar), Nikola Dimuševski (keyboards) and Dimitrie Čučurovski (drums). Their music contained elements of rock, jazz and Macedonian ethnic music.

In September 1977, they released their first album “Leb i Sol” and in 1995 they released their last album “Anthology”. After the concert in the club “Milos” in Thessaloniki in 1995. the band breaks up and the members turn to successful solo careers. In April 2006, the band reunited to celebrate 30 years of existence. The line-up that went on tour around the region consisted of Vlatko Stefanovski, Bodan Arsovski, Garabet Tavitjan and Koki Dimuševski.

After the successful tour, Bodan Arsovski and Koki Dimuševski remain in the band and together with guitarist Dmitra Božikovsky and drummer Srđan Dunkić, they record, for now, the last album “I taka nataka” in 2008.

This complete enjoyment of top music is scheduled for September 30 at the National Theater in Leskovac, and you can buy tickets at the price of RSD 1000.00 for the all-night festival program at Murphy’s Pub in Leskovac.

Welcome to the twelfth gathering with rhythm and music at your unique Drum Dum Fest!